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"Recovery is about progression, not perfection."


Kelvin Young, RSS

In life we experience challenging moments with our thoughts, emotions and actions. We look for ways to cope with the distress and oftentimes turn to alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy substances and behaviors to find a sense of relief from the emotional pain. Some people become trapped in the viscous cycle of addiction and feel stuck, alone, depressed and afraid.  Many of us want to change our lives for the better but perhaps need some peer support from a person who was in the thrones of addiction, healed and recovered.  

If  you  or somebody you know is feeling this way,  just know that recovery is possible.

What Kelvin offers:

Recovery Coaching:

“A Recovery Coach is anyone interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery, and by serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or in recovery." -CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

A Recovery Coach provides peer support to people in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. This may include:

Helping a person form a plan of action

Directing that person to the right resources

Helping them navigate the medical system

Providing accountability and support

Offering guidance in developing new behavior patterns

Helping them view their progress objectively

Assisting in harm reduction for addictive behaviors

Click here to book a peer recovery coaching session with Kelvin Young, RSS.

Rates: $50.00/ 30 minute session

(session available in-person, virtual and phone call)

90 Day Sobriety Challenge Journal Coming Soon!

“I am a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat. I do not rescue but instead help others to find their way to shore, guiding them by example."